Ru-Apologies, Toxic Fans, and Covid Infested Wigs (W/ Mijon Zulu, Nick Probst, Chris Chianesi, & Barbara Busch Light)

What a snooze fest? Would you believe that was a semi-final episode? Oh well. At least you have the Huntys to make it actually sound interesting. :) This week, we are joined by the hilarious Chris Chianesi and the sassy and brassy Barbara Busch Light. It is a non-stop shady romp. So buckle up as we dive into Drag Race and Real Housewives parallels, The Quad Cities drag scene, Covid-Infested Wigs, and the UK Drop-On-Your-Knees Drop!

We also discuss: Did RuPaul get hit in the head? The Puppet-challenge. How was the Lawrence and Ellie apology for you? Squashed? How funny is it that soap opera stars in English can be so average-looking? Our feelings while watching Beastender: TAYCE! Welcome to the party! Our feelings while with the judges watch Tayce: What are the judges smoking???? This lipsync/Double Shantay? Someone, please explain.

And, of course, RuPaul's Drag Race UK Season 2: BeastEnders. 

About our guests

Chris Chianesi is an actor, singer, composer, writer, and musical comedian, based in New York City. His monthly musical comedy show, THE FEED with @SeriouslyChris, ran for over a year in New York City, before Covid shut the world down. Since then, he's kept busy writing and producing weekly music videos inspired by moments from pop culture and politics. Most notably, he produced the music video series RHONY Spectacular, where he wrote at least one song for every episode of Season 12 of Real Housewives of New York City and performed them all as his drag alter ego/Real Housewives wannabe, Elizabeth Ceighks (#RHONYSpectacular). 

Barbara Busch Light is one of the fiercest queens this side of the Quad Cities, Henny! Hailing from Davenport, IA, Barbara is a professionally trained makeup artist and wig stylist who has been doing drag for 3 ½ years! While she’s young, she leaves all her gigs gagged and with that coin in her purse. Outside of drag, she’s quite the gaymer. And, by day, she fends off countless men-zizes while working as a painter on a construction crew! Check out Barbara Busch Light on Facebook or Instagram to keep up with all of her show dates and who knows, she may be in your area soon!! 






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